Differences between rclone mount and GNOME online accounts

I have moved to Linux Mint from Windows. One of the first things I did was set up an rclone mount for my Google Drive accounts. It works, it does what I want it to.

Now I've discovered that GNOME Online Accounts does more or less the same, from the little I've understood. But I'm wondering if, under the hood, there are significant differences.

Performance mainly but even the way the virtual disk content is accessed. Does anybody know whether GNOME Online Accounts does chunked reading? Or it works like the official google app on Windows, where every access to a file "counts" as a full download of the whole file (it was that way some time ago, which prompted me to move to rclone)?

Nobody knows anything?

Perhaps ask on a Gnome forum as this is an rclone forum so we know about rclone :slight_smile:

Yeah, being honest it dawned on me right after I wrote the second time here. :slight_smile:

As mentioned, it's more "academic" curiosity, as rclone does what I need.

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