Detailed encryption of rclone

Good day. My name is Jozef and the third year students at the Technical University in Košice, Slovakia. At the moment I am working on a baccalaureate work on encryption using rclone. My task is to analyze the rclone program in detail and make parts of the programs in C language as rclone works. And explain it on your own parts of the programs. Therefore, I need to understand the encryption of rclone in detail so that I can actually do the functions step by step how rclone works and I will describe it in my Bachelor work. Therefore, I would like to ask you my friends if you have any detailed documentation for the rclone encryption where everything will be described in detail or some parts of the functions or programs from rclone. Thank you very much and wish you a Merry Christmas.

It's all documented and available on github.

Check the crypt docs and source code and if you have questions I'll try to answer them :slight_smile: