"Deprecated because it requires FUSE!" when installing with rclone with brew (macOS)

What is the problem you are having with rclone?

Upon installing with brew (rclone documentation), some warning are printed stating rclone has been deprecated. Is that a normal behaviour?

Besides that warnings, rclone seems to work fine.

What is your rclone version (output from rclone version)

rclone v1.53.2-DEV
- os/arch: darwin/amd64
- go version: go1.15.3

Which OS you are using and how many bits (eg Windows 7, 64 bit)

macOS 10.15.7
Homebrew 2.5.11

The command you were trying to run (eg rclone copy /tmp remote:tmp)

$ brew info rclone    

rclone: stable 1.53.2 (bottled), HEAD
Rsync for cloud storage
Deprecated because it requires FUSE!
Not installed
From: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/blob/HEAD/Formula/rclone.rb
License: MIT
==> Dependencies
Build: go ✘
==> Options
	Install HEAD version
==> Analytics
install: 5,020 (30 days), 13,991 (90 days), 42,170 (365 days)
install-on-request: 4,896 (30 days), 13,598 (90 days), 40,806 (365 days)
build-error: 0 (30 days)

Deprecated because it requires FUSE!

And during installation

$ brew install rclone

Warning: rclone has been deprecated because it requires FUSE!

Then the installation seems to proceed properly, but when checking:

$ brew doctor

Warning: Some installed formulae are deprecated or disabled.
You should find replacements for the following formulae:

Thanks, to be perfectly honest I did search the rclone issue section on GitHub but the name of that Issue is a bit vague.

So mounting feature on macOS will be deprecated for ever from now on? No alternative or replacement?

I think you'll still be able to get rclone from brew, it just won't support rclone mount.

You'll be able to get a macOS binary from rclone.org which does support rclone mount - the brew project themselves have decided that they can't support FUSE based binaries, because the OSXFUSE library itself has gone closed source.

Ok that makes sense. So sad, this was a great feature for me (from a great tool, I might add, since I've the privilege to have direct answer from its creator).

Quoting you from Rclone mount and macOS - testers needed!

This isn't a disaster - rclone has 2 other supported mount libraries!

The discussion are from several months back, which one of the two command should I use in the long run as a replacement of rclone mount?

cmount is the current recommendation and it will replace mount from 1.54 with mount simply becoming an alias for cmount.

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Trying the master branch on macOS (Mojave 10.14.6), I am getting the following errors. Am I missing some config step or the cmount support is work in progress?

rclone v1.54.0-DEV
- os/arch: darwin/amd64
- go version: go1.14.1

bash-3.2# ./rclone cmount aws-chunk:/firebird-leo /mnt/aws
Error: unknown command "cmount" for "rclone"
Run 'rclone --help' for usage.
2020/11/26 01:05:06 Fatal error: unknown command "cmount" for "rclone"

bash-3.2# ./rclone mount aws-chunk:/firebird-leo /mnt/aws
Error: unknown command "mount" for "rclone"
Run 'rclone --help' for usage.
2020/11/26 01:05:20 Fatal error: unknown command "mount" for "rclone"

How did you get the binary? From homebrew or the rclone.org website?

If it's from homebrew, that is expected. You will have to get it from the rclone.org website from now on to get the mount command.

Thanks for the reply. I git cloned the master branch of rclone and got the same errors running the binary out of "go build" or vscode debug. I use mac for initial development/testing of Rclone fixes/extensions before testing the changes on Linux.

It won't work with a simple go build. You now need to use something like this instead: CGO_ENABLED=1 go build -tags cmount

You should find just

go build -tags cmount

is sufficient. The Go compiler is smart enough to enable cgo if it needs to.

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