Delete folder/files helo

i using rclone version 1.57.0 in windows. there is no problem with rclone. i just want to know delete method:

lets say i have multiple files. there could have . (dot) or space. lets say:

rclone delete.txt
rclone delete help.txt

now is there anyway we can run one command and rclone will delete files for both space and dot? may be something with regex? like rclone[\s.]delete.txt?

sorry for my bad english.

Sure, check out:

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lets say i have a file name New Text Document.txt it could be New.Text.Document.txt. how can i do that? i am bit confused file.jpg - matches "file.jpg" this term. do i have to add regex

rcelone delete "remotename:New(\.|\s)Text(\.|\s)Document.txt

or something like this

rclone delete "Final:\" --include "New(\.|\s)Text(\.|\s)Document.txt"

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