Delete file taking a long time

in my google drive folder there is like 20K files. i specific the file name to delete but rclone reading all the file and showing message these files are excluded and then delete the file. reading file taking a long time. is there any way we can just delete the file only without reading/parsing other files available on the folder?


this is what you need

file delete working fine, only issue i am seeing is that rclone reading entire folder file which taking time. after read all the file then rclone delete the file. is this normal, just wondering if rclone could delete the specific file without reading entire folder files.

here is the command line
rclone delete "remotename:abc\delete.rar" -vv

2021/02/22 21:08:16 DEBUG : aa.rar: Excluded
2021/02/22 21:08:16 DEBUG : asd.rar: Excluded
2021/02/22 21:08:16 DEBUG : ads.rar: Excluded
2021/02/22 21:08:17 INFO : delete.rar: Deleted
2021/02/22 21:08:17 DEBUG : 4 go routines active
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if you want to delete a single file, use

rclone delete will always scan the entire folder.

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