Degoo, Terabox, Jiocloud, MediaFire support rclone?

Is it possible to add support for the Degoo, Terabox, JioCloud, MediaFire storage. Please also include JioCloud in Rclone. :pleading_face::pray:t2:

Hi, welcome to the forum.

First of all; to support a new provider it must have a (public) API. Next, this being an open source project with volunteers, someone must be willing to invest the time required to implement it in rclone. In general: Unless you can do it yourself, or can find someone who are willing to do it for you, maybe hire/sponsor a developer, it's not very likely, I'm afraid.. There are currently 63 open tickets on GitHub regarding new backends, including:

In case you're on Windows have a look at AirExlorer(.net).

Though not as good/versatile as rclone it's still way better than WebUI and provides a nice explorer-like interface to Degoo and Mediafire.
Free version provides 2 concurrent up-/downloads, encryption of paid version does not work for at least Degoo (didn't try Mediafire).


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