Default tpslimit

If this option isn't set, does that mean it's unlimited?

I'm assuming you mean google drive.

Check out the pacer section:

Ah yes this looks like it fits my needs thx.

Also a good read

So, if I'm reading that right, if my QPS is 20 (2000 queries per 100 second) then reducing the pacer to 50ms should keep me within limits, correct?

The default is already set pretty well. Is there a reason you're looking to change it?

I have a higher API limit and rclone still looks to be doing 10-12 at any given time when I could do at least 50% more hits without 403's popping up.

Ah. Ok. I also have higher (10,000) and I keep mine at 50ms.

Thanks for the feedback, I'll play around with it.

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