Default Encryption to curb bans?

So I was contemplating all these bans from Google and Amazon Cloud Drive recently, and I think I may have figured out a simple method of working with the big service companies, rather than against them:

Institute a default encryption scheme, which encrypts both files and names, but uses the same default encryption key for each.

Doing this would allow the big guys to dedupe the files, making their stores smaller, and helping us to more fit in line with what they would consider normal usage. Also, they could then cache the more accessed files (eg, more recent) for better performance as well.

The fact that there is ANY encryption on the files means that if they were to get into the files (at least in the USA) they’d be breaking a few laws by doing so.

Just a thought.

If everyone has the same key for encryption, then they can easily get the key from the same place we did, meaning they can just decrypt our content and see what it is, making the idea of encryption totally pointless.