DeDupe question

I have a bunch of duplicates in my Google Drive I use rclone with encryption (named Secret for example). I have ran “rclone dedupe Secret:” a few times but no output is displayed to screen and it doesn’t seem to do anything. In Secret: I have a few top level folders but it is the Backups folder that I am mainly trying to dedupe. Am I doing something wrong? Shouldn’t I get some kind of output as it traverses folders? It just finishes without any output.

You may want to try the -v flag to get output. I believe the default behavior of dedupe leaves any copies it finds but appends something to their file name to denote them as a copy. There are other flags listed in the documentation you could use to delete the extra copies if you’d rather do that.

I tried the --stats but have not tried the -v. The first time i ran it I used the “first” switch to only keep the first copy of it but from what I see it did nothing.

the correct verbosity flag to use is -vv

I think dedupe may not work properly on a crypt remote. Try in on the underlying remote.