Dedupe not finding my duplicate folder

I have a weird issue where if I list folders via the CLI from my gsuite movie folder, I get 2 identical named folders created ca 2 minutes apart.

If I try to to list the contents using that folder name via rclone lsf/lsl etc, the CLI tool returns empty. But the mount point via WinFSP finds it without problems, single folder with expected movie file within... How exactly does that work? It's a refreshed result as well, not cached.

When doing "rclone dedupe mycloud:parentfolder --dry-run", I get results from my other folder that has tv shows, but it doesn't mention anything about this folder...

I only noticed it because I'm doing sync back to my local network on a new server and got this: NOTICE: Terminator Salvation (2009): Duplicate directory found in source - ignoring

Confused. Why can WinFSP list files from that folder name, while rclone does not?

If I visit google drive on the web, it shows both folders, one being empty. How can I make sure rclone sync will pick the folders with files in it when I can't make it show me files?

I can fix this by simply deleting the empty folder on the web, but if there are more... Would just be nice to know more.


Rclone doesn't allow duplicate files.

Can you fill out the help template as a the details in that would help us answer your question, but you deleted the whole template :frowning:

Doesn't allow duplicate files... Then I'm even more confused as to why rclone is able via WinFSP to show uncached the correct folder (the one with files in it) via mount while rclone ls via cli returns empty content when using the foldername.

I've googled and searched the forums on this which is how I found the dedupe parameter. But it doesn't seem to find this exact folder, just other results. I'll update to the latest version and see if it helps.

Update. dedupe works as expected without --dry-run, I just expected some kind of verbose output from the dry run. But it actually fixed it. I'll do it on the entire remote before syncing further.

Thanks... I guess.

rclone will show you one or the other folder. Which one you get is essentially random. So I'm not suprised to see a different result via mount, vs the cli.

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