Dedpue Semi-Interactive?

Maybe I'm just misunderstanding the documentation but: I'm trying to dedupe my Google Drive interactively, but I don't want to have to interactively dedupe identical files (same name+hash). Instead I want those file automatically deduped, but if there are duplicates with different hashes, I'd like to interactively dedupe those. So when I run rclone dedupe -i GoogleDrive:, I get:

2023/09/24 17:02:12 NOTICE: 20130131214729-2.dng: Found 2 files with duplicate names
2023/09/24 17:02:12 NOTICE: 20130131214729-2.dng: Deleting 1/2 identical duplicates (md5 5d41e8c0349b79b896a5fd93acb25ad9)

rclone: delete "20130131214729-2.dng"?
y) Yes, this is OK (default)
n) No, skip this
s) Skip all delete operations with no more questions
!) Do all delete operations with no more questions
q) Exit rclone now.

Perhaps this is a separate question but: afterwards, I'd like to interactively dedupe files with the same hash and different names, what's the command for that?


rclone dedupe GoogleDrive:

As per docs:

By default dedupe interactively finds files with duplicate names

if deduping by name, for every group of duplicate file names / hashes, it will delete all but one identical file it finds without confirmation. This means that for most duplicated files the dedupe command will not be interactive.

Next rclone will resolve the remaining duplicates. Exactly which action is taken depends on the dedupe mode. By default, rclone will interactively query the user for each one.


rclone dedupe GoogleDrive: --by-hash -i

That's a little confusing that default is interactive but if you specify interactive it's even more interactive?

Agree fully that docs wording can be improved here.

PRs welcomed:)

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