Decrypting an encrypted path

I am trying to decrypt an encrypted path. Basically get a ls of what that path is. Is this currently possible ? I have tried using ls against the main encrypted root but it just give my a ls of actual encrypted has. I then tried using ls against the remote crypt path and that just gives a directory not found.

Basically trying to run a rclone ls g:39240ASDF2934/239402389402 and have it list its decrypted values

Have you tried the --crypt-show-mapping flag?

I can do something like:

rclone lsd --crypt-show-mapping googleENC:
2017/03/13 16:55:49 NOTICE: TVarchive: Encrypts to “qcm6odqrcjuncnr6it1kqe2h9g”
2017/03/13 16:55:49 NOTICE: MV: Encrypts to “hdnkk31tejgmvrkigehcl8sdeo”
2017/03/13 16:55:49 NOTICE: TV: Encrypts to “jb63m2g7ieuvv7s8cptin55b18”
-1 2016-12-18 00:28:39 -1 TVarchive
-1 2016-12-17 20:33:52 -1 MV
-1 2016-12-17 20:21:25 -1 TV

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gkt in rclone config is encrypt path with remote location of google:kt

$  ./rclone ls --crypt-show-mapping google:kt/XXXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXXX
518783331 xxxxxxxxx
518783331 xxxxxxxxx

$ ./rclone ls --crypt-show-mapping gkt:XXXXXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXXX
2017/03/13 21:00:51 Failed to ls: directory not found

xxxxxxx is still the encrypted hash and not the decrypted value

It seems like --crypt-show-mapping only does top level.

It will go deeper if you use ls. lsd is list directories. ls will list everything in the tree.

Maybe it is the latest beta or I am doing something wrong but ls does not decrypt deeper than the root dir.

2017/03/14 07:57:19 INFO  : Google drive root 'kt/encryptedhash/encryptedhash': Modify window is 1ms
    28898 encryptedhash
   30180 encryptedhash
    30967 encryptedhash
    25065 encryptedhash```

It still shows the encrypted hash. I guess there isn't a way to do the reverse. It will decrypt if you use the actual folder name but not when you use the encrypted hash.