Decrypt rclone created bin with passphrase

Hi all, I need your help because I have searched and searched cant find a solution for my problem.
I have created, the following remotes:

  1. gdrive:
  2. s3-storage:
  3. s3-encrypted:

(s3-encrypted is the s3-storage crypt version).

I have succesfully copied the gdrive files to the s3-encrypted storage, with the following command:
$ rclone copy -P gdrive: s3-encryted:

The files are copied successfully as a encrypted .bin file.

I can decrypted the files with rclone command to my local computer.
I can mount the s3-encrypted also.
But what I don't understand is before I create the crypt remote. I must give a passphrase (password) when I want to decrypt the files.

My question is followed:
How do I encrypted the .bin files without using the rclone.

I tried it with openssl, even if I decrypt it is still crypted.
Can you please help me.

My crypt remote:
type = crypt
remote = s3-sotrage
filename_encryption = off
directory_name_encryption = false
password = 0CX_hFOf5uh3A9MkbuyuouZeYOC1rg

You really don't. You decrypt with rclone.

Ok, then why do I need to give 1 or 2 passwords?
When I create a crypt remote?
It isn't just logic for me...

I have rclone config (password) so when I want to create a new remote I cant create one without the rclone password.

The crypt password passphrase is just mixing my mind up.

It is all documented here:

That explains the password/salt/etc.

If you crypt with rclone, you use rclone to decrypt it.

Ok will ready the documents, thank you for you reply!

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