Dealing with ~tmp files on remote side (onedrive)

I set a remote to onedrive business with crypt, all working just fine.
But if the connection is unreliable and my transfer gets disconnected, Im left with some ~tmp* on the remote.
Can those be removed automatically when the session reconnects?
Can I specify a different path on the remote for those tmp files? (maybe I can manually delete them once in a while)

I just dont want all that garbage on the same folder im putting my backups.

rclone doesn’t make those files itself. I wonder if they are made as part of a multipart upload? Could it be something else making them? @Cnly any ideas?

It does.
See my screenshot.
The temp files are created as soon as the upload starts, and when each file is done then the name is changed to the actual filename.
Of course, perhaps is Onedrive API doing that, (I wouldn’t know).
Rclone works great, my only problem is those ~tmp left behind, but also, it doesnt happen all the time.

The ~tmp* files are created automatically when a multipart upload session is created. rclone currently doesn’t do resume on restart so it’s a little bit hard for rclone to remove them automatically.

Can I specify a different path on the remote for those tmp files?

There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this.

Or maybe you can use larger values for --retries and --retries-sleep so rclone gets a higher chance of finishing the transfers?

Ill try that, and if it doesnt work then Ill remove the file with some other tool.