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(Update) : As I should have mentioned this. This concerns the Rclone browser

In the modified column the date formats are set to US format which is most confusing for us in Europe and can lead to errors

Exemple 2022-06-02 which for me reads as being modified the 6th February 2022, For me it should read 02-06-2022 (my date formats are correct in my Arch Linux setup)

I haven't seen a settings where these can be changed, is it possible please ?

many thanks

PS update this as I'm using the rclone browser so maybe not relevant here

yyyy-mm-dd is not US format; US is mm/dd/yyyy.

yyyy-mm-dd is an international format (ISO 8601 - Wikipedia and RFC 3339 - Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps)

There's a number of advantages to this format; it's directly sortable (because it goes from largest->smallest - year, month, day, hour, min, sec, subsecond) and it doesn't suffer the "what does 01/03/2022 mean? First of March or Third of Jan?!" problem :slight_smile: It's always yyyy-mm-dd and so consistent.

(That consistency is very useful for me; I'm an Englishman living in America and so get very confused when people write 01/03 :slight_smile: )

yyyy-mm-dd is an international format (ISO 8601 - Wikipedia and RFC 3339 - Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps)

Learn something new every day, thanks

I'm English like you, but live in France (Better food & wine :grin:) But I do not like the yyyy-mm-dd format as I find it very confusing, like you but the other way around, The best solution would be 'June 02 2022' as this would not have any confusion possible

Unless you don't speak/understand English... i18n is hard :slight_smile:

ISO 8601 is a compromise which pleases no-one except software developers who love it because it sorts correctly :slight_smile:

As a software developer I've been writing dates like this for a very long time. I think my accountant has finally got used to it, though there was lots of grumbling about funny American dates from him initially.

What rclone command were you running?

I only use rclone browser, sorry I should have mentioned that

Basically I use it to clone Google Drive to my PC or back

I've updated my original post to avoid confusion or errors

It might be that rclone browser has a setting to change the date format?

No I looked, I think it recuperates reclone date settings, no possibility to change it

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When I ordered checks (of which, I've used about 1/year :slight_smile: ), I intentionally ordered ones that had a solid blank line for date so I could do it in ISO8601

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