Cutoff-mode=soft: Working?

I've tried using the new --cutoff-mode=soft but I'm not sure it's working. Are there tricks to getting it to work?

I disabled multi-thread-streams since even for one large file, rclone could hit the max-transfer while 2+ threads for the same file were in process. If one thread finished and it put the transfer over max, it would cancel the second thread (same file) meaning an incomplete file.

But that still wasn't good enough. If two files are transferring (for example) and one hits max-transfer, the other is cancelled before completion even if almost completely downloaded (same behavior as before the cutoff-mode option). So cutoff-mode=soft doesn't seem to be working in my case anyway.

rclone v1.52.0

  • os/arch: linux/arm
  • go version: go1.14.3

rclone -vv --bwlimit=1400k --transfers=2 --max-transfer=300M --cutoff-mode=soft --multi-thread-streams=0 copy b2:/test/ /tmp/test/

...removed... ending log:

  • file1: 83% /306.274M, 719.514k/s, 1m11s
  • file2: 89% /266.343M, 701.741k/s, 41s

INFO : file2: Copied (new)
ERROR : Cancelling sync due to fatal error: Max transfer limit reached as set by --max-transfer
DEBUG : file1: Reopening on read failure after 314572800 bytes: retry 1/10: context canceled
DEBUG : file1: Reopen failed after 314572800 bytes read: failed to open for download: Get "[b2 download url]": context canceled
NOTICE: file1: Removing partially written file on error: context canceled
ERROR : file1: Failed to copy: context canceled
ERROR : Fatal error received - not attempting retries
Transferred: 566.343M / 3.943 GBytes, 14%, 1.369 MBytes/s, ETA 42m14s
Errors: 3 (fatal error encountered)
Checks: 2 / 2, 100%
Transferred: 1 / 14, 7%
Elapsed time: 6m53.6s

DEBUG : 4 go routines active
Failed to copy with 3 errors: last error was: Max transfer limit reached as set by --max-transfer

I think there is a bug report about this, I haven't had time to fix that yet :frowning:

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