Custom export suffixes to avoid Google Drive duplicates

First of all, thank you all for great software. We're really happy to use it.

We are using rclone to backup Google Drive to SSH and of course we have some issues with duplicates. We started from thousands, fixed them using dedupe, but they still appear every now and then. The scenario is the following:

  1. User uploads "Foo.docx" file
  2. Starts editing and presses "Save as Google Docs"
  3. Google Drive saves it under "Foo" name

That's it, now we have a duplicate as export saves "Foo" as "Foo.docx" which already exists. Thus we have to run dedupe time to time which is not simple, as the backup user do not have write permissions for security concerns.

I would be great to have some configurable suffix added to exported files (docx, xlsx, etc). In that case "Foo" becomes "Foo.rclone.docx" and will not conflict with "Foo.docx".

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