Crypting and decrypting


i just searched the forum but did not exactly found answers for me.
Let me add note i am a bit newbie to rclone.

I already set up a backup from my NAS (Synology) to Amazon Cloud Drive (ACD). It is working fine!

Now i want to add a subfolder where my documents are located in - but i would like to encrypt it on ACD to ensure my privacy.

My questions:

  1. How do i best set it up on my synology? Just create a new “drive” using rclone-config?
  2. How is the restore procedure if i need to restore my NAS from ACD? How do i copy/sync from ACD to my NAS and decrypting the data?
  3. Is there any possibility to access my data (specific files) from other (Windows) devices (maybe i need a file from work)? I know there is a Windows rclone download available, but how can i (a) list directory filenames and (b) download a specific file?

Thanks very much in advance!
Regards, Ralf


TL:DR: RTFM :wink:

1 - Yeah. rClone is NOT a backup tool, you’ll use it to mount your ACD in your NAS and you’ll then have to copy your files from the NAS to your mounted ACD, (script or whatever you want)
2 - Setup your NAS, install rClone with your rclone.conf file and then copy back your files,
3 - Yeah. Use rClone or rCloneBrowser.

The most important is to backup your rclone.conf file or you won’t be able to decrypt your files.