Crypt with Backblaze B2

I run rclone in a small VM and mount shares that I want to sync up to a cloud storage so I don’t have much space on the VM itself. When I try to upload content to B2 without crypt everything is fine but when I try to use crypt it doesn’t upload anything and eventually runs out of disk space on the VM. I understand in the docs that crypt with B2 creates copies in order to do its thing but it never uploads. Do I need the same amount of space on the VM so it can upload the data? Or is there another way? I have a couple hundred gigs I would like to sync.

Rclone v 1.36
Example command: rclone sync /mnt/example b2crypt:bucketname

Thanks for any help.

Are you sure you specified the remote with a colon in it, like this, “b2remote:yourbucket” name when setting up the crypted remote?

See here for the crypt docs especially this part:

“In normal use, make sure the remote has a : in. If you specify the remote without a : then rclone will use a local directory of that name. So if you use a remote of /path/to/secret/files then rclone will encrypt stuff to that directory. If you use a remote of name then rclone will put files in a directory called name in the current directory.”

In any case, figure out where the data IS being copied to…betcha it’s copying it into your current directory somewhere!

Oh my, thanks Keith. It has been awhile since I setup a new crypt and misread the directions haha. Everything is working now.

Thanks again!