Crypt unencrypted files in Gdrive

I have all my library uploaded in gdrive unencrypted.
Is there a way to crypt it directly in gdrive without downloading every file an reuploading crypted?

rclone can do it for you on the fly, but it will involve downloading everything and uploading it. It won’t use any disk space doing this though.

I would move all the contents of your drive into a subdirectory, called “unencrypted”.

Make a remote called “drive” pointing at your google drive.

Make a crypted remote called “secret” pointing at “drive:encrypted”

Then do

rclone sync drive:unencrypted secret:

Make sure you use the latest beta if you try that as there was a problem with that scenario, now fixed.

Tnx, i thought it was like this.
Doing what you said i will have 1 encrypted dir and 1 unencrypted after finished process. Right?

rclone sync drive:unencrypted secret:
is the same as doing:
rclone sync drive:unencrypted/. secret:/.

That is correct. You don’t need the “.” with rclone - it assumes you want to copy the whole directory.

Tnx for your help.
Do you think plex performance will be the same with encrypted or unencrypted files?

Performance will always be better unencrypted. It’s a given as encryption adds some overhead, although not much.

thanks very much, it worked great.
The only “problem” I found is that to process the files (download & upload them encrypted) is using my bandwidth :cry: which is crap.

Hi @cere84,

As they say, TAANSTAFL – There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. The only way around that would require end-to-end encryption support on the cloud itself (and I don’t think it has, nor ever will have – specially on Google Drive, which thrives by analysing the data and therefore would need it unencrypted) and then you would have to handle your encryption key to the cloud provider – which I would think defeats the whole point of encrypting anything :wink:



indeed :slight_smile:

HAHAHAHA I lol’ed at this!

I saw there are 2 ways to crypt:
How to encrypt the filenames.

Choose a number from below, or type in your own value
1 / Don’t encrypt the file names. Adds a “.bin” extension only.
\ “off”
2 / Encrypt the filenames see the docs for the details.
\ “standard”

I used number 2.
But number 1 is a real crypt method? or just add a .bin at the end of the file?
I don’t like to much having all those strange names in my gdrive, so i wonder if i can use method 1. Does method 1 crypts my data and change hashes of files?

Hello @fbrassin,

Good for you :wink:

The file’s data (ie, contents) will be encrypted, but not the file name… so if you have reason to keep the file name from disclosure, method 2 is your best option.

[quote=“fbrassin, post:11, topic:862”]
I don’t like to much having all those strange names in my gdrive, so i wonder if i can use method 1.[/quote]

You can use method 2 and keep them all in a subdirectory (eg, “encrypted_files”) off your GDrive “root”.

Yes, and yes.



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Tnx, this is a great answer. :slight_smile: