Crypt Performance

Just wanted to get some feedback on rclone crypt performance (both copying and playback in plex); I’ve read several topics/posts about rclone crypt vs. encfs but they’re now a bit dated (about a year old), so just wanted to ask for a fresh perspective on the topic.

Is performance for rclone crypt more or less the same as encfs now?

I’m doing a move from ACD to GDrive and currently using encfs, but I’m thinking about switching to rclone crypt and hoping there is little to no performance hit.

rclone crypt runs at ~600 MB/s per core on my laptop. That is much faster than your network… I haven’t done a direct comparison with encfs though but I think you’ll find the other overheads (like https encryption, networking, cloud storage performance) swamp the crypt encryption time.