Crypt file after Plex Cloud

Hi all,
I Have tried plex Cloud and now i have a lot of file unencrypted on gdrive. Is there a way to encrypt files already in gdrive without having to reupload?

Well, you could use google cloud compute to do the work for you… You’d basically install rclone on the gcc, then do it as you would at home.

Probably i did not explain it well. I wanted to know which rclone function I should use for encrypt the file without have to reupload them that already are on gdrive. I already have the server.

You can’t just encrypt without reuploading. Even if you point the source and dest to the same gdrive it will still download and upload to crypt it.

The encryption happens at the rclone config level. You’ll have to add a new rclone config entry, select 5 for crypt, then fill out the rest.

At the moment this is my situation. I have my entire library in:

  1. Acd crypt
  2. Gdrive unencrypted
    It’s over a week that i try to reupload the acd crypt in a gdrive CRYPTED. But i can’t because i receive a lot of Unexpected end of file EOF. The question is…if i copy the existent gdrive unencrypted in a the same gdrive crypt i risk the ban?
    The gdrive account is the same.
    The other question is…it’s possible to read unencrypted data if i mount with rclone the crypted remote?