Crypt backend byte range request

Can the crypt backend read files via byte range?

Not sure that's a crypt specific thing.

Any call is generally a range request for data as you aren't grabbing the whole file.

So Rclone can read specific bytes from an encrypted file without having to read (and decrypt) the whole content of it?

Check out:

Yes rclone can do this but there is no cmd flags or API for user to request byte range. You would have to dive into rclone internals to utilise it.

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Rclone would send a seek request on the mount and submit a chunked read range based on the chunk size.

So if you wanted to limit it to a 1M chunk or even smaller, that would work (lots of API calls if you are reading more data).

So for the opening question, yes rclone can get a chunked read on a file and does not have to read the entire file.

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