Crouton chromebook

I was wondering it anyone has used or is now using rclone on any chromebook running crouton? TIA. Mike

I’ve not used it inside crouton, but I use it in the native OS. eg

sudo rclone --config $HOME/.config/rclone/rclone.conf mount --allow-other onedrive: $HOME/Downloads/onedrive
(Basically it works the same as on Linux).

Now ChromeOS makes a lot of use of namespaces, so although the mount shows inside the shell, it doesn’t seem to show up in the file browser app.

This is kind of expected, due to how each tab inside ChromeOS works. It works fine for my use case, though; I can copy files I want to/from the Downloads area to work on (eg if I download a file from a website to Downloads, I can then mv it to the rclone mounted drive).

I’ve spend quite a bit of time working on rclone in a crouton chroot on my ARM based chromebook - it works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks I got it working on my cli based crouton install on my chromebook. Had to do the web authentication manually other then that works great and I am back to syncing my files.

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