Cross JS runtime Rclone port

Howdy y'all!

I am the author of rclone.js package on NPM, which simply spawns a child process of rclone to be used in Node.js projects.

I am now porting rclone functionality to a new library that can run cross JS runtimes like Node.js, Bun, Deno, and Cloudflare Workers. This is possible because of Web APIs and I'm quite happy with the decision and the progress. I will write about the reasoning some time later.

Currently, the following backends are implemented:

  • alias
  • chunker
  • crypt
  • drive
  • http
  • local
  • memory

And the following commands:

  • backend
  • cat
  • config*
  • copy*
  • copyurl
  • ls
  • lsd*
  • lsf
  • lsjson
  • lsl*
  • obscure
  • rcat
  • reveal
  • serve http

*) partially implemented

With that said, it's not ready for public consumption yet, and there are a lot of grounds to cover. In an effort to get a MVP out, I'd like to survey the community to see which backends and/or commands I should focus first. If you have an itch for running rclone on the cloud or serverless platforms against some backend, let me know!