Cron job when using Config fie encryption


I have setup config file encryption.
Could you please let me know how i can create a cron job using a script for scheduling backups without passing the password in plain text in the script ?


This is a tricky problem to solve…

The most secure solution is to use something like gpgagent to decrypt the password from a different file. That is reasonably tricky to set up.

rclone can also read the password from the environment RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS which is useful in CI (eg travis) or AWS (eg lambda functions) as these can be set up securely.

Rclone could allow you to obscure the password I suppose which is slightly more secure than passing it in plain. (Try rclone obscure mypassword to see what it does).

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Thanks Nick for the update.

How can this same be integrated into a batch file in windows

I’m not a windows expert, so I’d just set the config password in an environment variable RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS in the batch file.