Critique my Windows Backup Script?

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New to RClone, and like so many it seems am migrating off CrashPlan. I signed up for Gsuite unlimited and have my remote and encrypted remote setup for Rclone. This is what I'm using with the intention of the remote being a backup rather than a mirror of my local storage. I have a 100/40 Mbps connection, hence the bandwidth limitation.

rclone.exe copy M:\ MyCrypt:/ -P --buffer-size 16M --drive-chunk-size 16M --transfers 20 --checkers 40 --bwlimit 4.5M --exclude-from .\excludes.txt

This is what is in excludes.txt


Is there anything I should be doing differently for security, speed or efficiency? Is it worth keeping a record of all the encrypted filepaths/names locally for restore purposes? Are there any tools for this, or are people just using text files?

Thanks for any help!

If you are really thinking about making a backup instead of a synchronization, you must use the --backup-dir parameter.

You'd want to use rclone sync in that case too.

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Thanks so much for the replies. Initially I had thought I could rely on the versioning functionality in Google Drive, however it seems versions might be auto cleaned up their side unless I go in and explicitly tell Google to keep each version forever. I will have to mix the --backup-dir parameter in there.


Seems that I may have not setup my remotes very well. At this moment I have transferred 10TB or so using the command in my first post. Something I didn't think about is that the target is pointing to the root of my crypted remote, and because the --backup-dir parameter target has to be on the same remote I am getting fatal errors because the target for the sync or copy parameter cannot overlap with the target specified in the --backup-dir parameter.

Is there anyway I can move the data in my remote without having to upload everything again?


This is easiest to do with rclone mount... Just mount it up then move the files about. rclone will do server side renames so no re-uploading.

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Thank you! All set now using sync with the --backup-dir command.

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