Creating my own client_id and client_secret?

I'm trying to create my own client_id and client_secret but getting the Unauthorised page.
Do I really need to send my rclone usage to Google using the "OAuth consent screen", and wait until they approve? (I've sent it with as the domain)
That seems the only thing i'm not doing at the moment.
Have Google tighten up the security compared to the older posts and help I've been reading?

I think you are on the wrong page
on you need to go to "login credentials" (the one with the key icon)
from there you need to click new credentials (a dropdown will open)
and then select "OAuth-Client-ID"
that's what's described at the support page:

hope this helps

That is what I've done, and the dialog that open states:

> OAuth is limited to 100 [sensitive scope logins]( until the [OAuth consent screen]( is published. This may require a verification process that can take several days.

I've been following the page you provided, and it does refer to the "OAuth consent screen".
I'm seeking confirmation that these instructions are now outdated

You can use it for personal use and testing without getting it approved.

I went through the approval process for rclone and it was pretty painful so unless your users are really bothered by that warning I wouldn't bother!

OK, I created a new project and went though steps again, but this time stepped though the Unauthorised browser warning and got to the Success message.
Seemed to have worked, and 'rclone about' shows me what I'm expecting.

Thanks for your help
I must have previously stopped at the Unauthorised browser page, and thought I hadn't done something right.
It's only for my own account
So the "Scopes" in the "OAuth consent screen" don't seem to be needed.

It is a very scary message and in chrome it looks identical to the bad https certificate page!

I did the same thing the first time I saw it.

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