Creating Google Drive Shortcuts with Rclone

I have a Full Retro Emulation Set in Google Drive, as it is a full set some games for certain systems are duplicated, the folders for the duplicate games have different names, and the files contained in the folders are also different, where the file names are the same in each game folder the hashes of the duplicate files are different.

So whilst a game is duplicated the files are different and not the same as the files in a folder for the same game.

From the full set I would like to create a reduced set, but also have this in Google Drive, rather than duplicate the files I would like to make use of the Google drive shortcuts how can I create the shortcuts using Rclone?

Using the shortcuts would make it super easy to download the reduced set as and when required, instead of having a script which downloads selected files from the fullset. Maybe I should continue to do this? perhaps this is the better way rather than using shortcuts?

You can create shortcuts using the rclone backend shortcut command

rclone backend shortcut drive: source_item destination_shortcut

see the link for more details.

It is also worth reading the section on shortcuts in the docs.

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