Creating cross-platform backup utility between family devices

Hello everyone!

General Problem Overview:

I have photos/files on all different devices. I also have two terabyte hard drives and don't see the use in paying recurring subscription fees for cloud storage that could be discontinued at any time.

Proposed Solution:

My thought is to use rclone as backing for a cross-platform app that would allow you to easily sync your documents between devices without going through a third-party service.

I would probably use Flutter to do the cross-plat development and link in the rclone api. Any windows-specific file explorer integration could be done in C++.


  1. Would something like this be useful?
  2. Anything I'm not thinking of that could trip me up?

I would look at syncthing (GitHub - syncthing/syncthing: Open Source Continuous File Synchronization) that more or less does what you want.

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Wow, you're right. I'll give that one a try since it looks like exactly what I'm thinking.

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