Create deterministic encrypted name for directory and files

Here is what I want to do .

  1. Encrypt all the files/directory names and create a key value pair mapping file original filename to encrypted file or directory name.
  2. Sync the file to a cloud storage.
  3. Look up the original file name from key value mapping file to search file on cloud.
  4. Download it as needed :slight_smile:

As you can see, create a mapping file and having deterministic names will help keep files encrypted on cloud while allowing me to search for it in the cloud portal.

Is this currently possible?

Take a look at:

As that goes through how crypt works.

There is an open item for crypt v2 out there as well.

I don't think you can download an individual file and decrypt it with your password if you use crypt.

You can download individual files. And decrypt them with your salt and password.

How about a file that maps original filename to encrypted filename? can you generate such a file?

Rclone backend has decode and encode options to do this. You can also use rclone lsf and lsjson to see the mapping.


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