Create a .conf with a single command

Rclone Version:

Sample Command:
rclone config create driveName drive config_is_local false

When I run the command a link to a browser is returned but my console session timeouts (and I cannot change that) so I wanted to see if there was a way for me to continue where I left off.
Something like:
rclone config create authURL authCode

Being authURL the return of the sample command and authCode the value after using that URL.

Another option would be to have something like:
rclone config create DriveName drive username password

In that way a single command would be used to create a .conf

Any help you can provide me will be highly appreciated!

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that is a very old version of rclone, you should update via the website to v1.53.3.

you could a service account file and then no need for interactive login using web browser

I don't think I can do that. I'm looking into the web-gui to see how they deal with the stages of creating a config. I could use some guidance.

what backend are you using?

I am currently using Node but I can eventually use whatever I want.
This is going to become a simple API.
I could use PHP.

what is meant, was, storage backend, gdrive, aws, or what?

I am working with Google Drive and Dropbox at first but I need to support a few more. I think everything uses oauth.

have you tried to search the forum?

Rclone config create for google drive

we have many experts, one should stop by soon.

Thank you for the feedback!
I've been reading a lot but the issue is basically that it needs two steps and it blocks the command line in case I run a command line or the POST does not return until configured.
I was looking at the Web-GUI and since it runs locally it opens the authentication process and polls the config to see if it was created.
When I run:

 rclone rc config/create --json ...

I get no answer, I can't see the server cmd at this point so how can I retrieve the validation_url in order to finish the process? The same happens via POST.

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