Couple of question for rclone

  1. can anyone tell me why rclone created a local copy of the files i uploaded.
    OS: Windows

These are my steps that i took when i tested rclone since this is my first time setting it up
Step 1 downloaded and extracted rclone on C:\Users\Anon\Rclone
Step 2 the directory of my file i want uploaded C:\Users\Anon\Personal File
Step 3 configured rclone to point to my gdrive
Step 4 went into rclone folder through the cmd prompt and typed in
rclone copy C:\Users\Anon\Personal File" "Anthony Google Drive:/Anon"```` Step 5 upload was successful then i deleted the folder in my gdrive named anon so i can do a crypted upload Step 6 configured a crypt drive Step 7 rclone copy "C:/Users/Anon/Personal File" "drivecrypt" Step 8 checked the drive using webbrowser but couldnt find the folder nor my files in my gdrive. checked through rclone using rclone ls drivecrypt``` rclone was able to list the file but i think this is because it is looking at the local directory it had created

  1. can rclone also encrypt locally or can it only encrypt files on the online drive? if it cant encrypt locally what do you guys suggest an alternative that can work great with rclone.

  2. how secure is my config file if i jusy use the builtin encrypt function of rclone config.

  3. what do i need to do to sync my files on my gdrive? lets say i sometimes edit files sometimes i delete it sometimes i add.
    if the answer is rclone can sync how reliable is the sync. currently im using syncthing to sync between my mobile device

Why did you delete the help template and not use it? :frowning:

No because we don't know what version you are on, what command you ran or what your configuration looks like.

rclone can encrypt locally or on a remote as it is defined by pointing to a location.

It depends on how you encrypt and what other things you do to access it once it's encrypted.

rclone sync

in that command, rclone thinks you want to copy to a local folder named drivecrypt
a remote needs a colon character :
without that, rclone thinks the path is local.

perhaps change drivecrypt to drivecrypt:

if that does not fix the problem, need to post

  • rclone version
  • the config file redact id/secret/token
  • full debug log

rclone v 1.56.0
i just want to clarify can rclone can encrypt the source or only the destination?
example i have a files on c:/users/anon/personal file. can i make rclone encrypt that without copying anything to another destination?

for the config i thought it was clear that i used the original builtin encrypt function of rclone. so when you open rclone config it shows you option if you want to encrypt the config file.

hi thanks i think you nailed it on my question number 1

Crypt works like any other remote. You make a crypt destination. You copy into that destination and it encrypts it based on your setup.

It doesn't matter if that crypt remote is local or a cloud remote.

with the rclone crypt remote, rclone takes a source file, crypts it, and then copies it to the crypt remote.
sorry, no way around that.
rclone will never touch the source file unless you rclone move a file.

the crypt location can be local or any backend rclone supports such as gdrive.

as for the config file, encrypting that has nothing to do with crypt remote.
rclone can encrypt the config file as a security measure.


can cryptomator and rclone work together? im thinking of using cryptomator to encrypt my files then just upload the files using rclone sync. if not what solution do you have for local encryption

rclone and cryptomator use non-compatible encryption.
rclone cannot decrypt a cryptomator crypted file and cryptomator cannot decrypt a rclone crypted file.

tho you can crypt files using cryptomator and upload them with rclone.

as for local encryption, rclone can crypt a local folder.
and you can use rclone mount to view/copy the files in their decrypted file names using windows explorer.
depending on the setup, you can edit the files using microsoft word and other apps.

can you tell me or give me instruction on how to crypt locally and then mount it to edit it?

sure, you have created a crypt remote, correct?

follow the steps for creating a crypt, to make this easier to explain, i will call that localcrypt

at this step, for the remote, type in a local path, for example c:\path\to\local\folder
other than that, the rest of the config process is the same.

Remote to encrypt/decrypt.
Normally should contain a ':' and a path, eg "myremote:path/to/dir",
"myremote:bucket" or maybe "myremote:" (not recommended).
Enter a string value. Press Enter for the default ("").
remote> remote:path

as a test,

  • rclone copy file.txt localcrypt:
  • rclone ls localcrypt:

after that, to see the files in windows explorer, need to create a rclone mount.
rclone mount localcrypt: x:

sorry for the late reply but by doing this the source is still unencrypted right?

right, the source is still unencrypted.

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