Couldn't delete: can't delete a google document

Hi all,

I’m getting this message after I run “rclone sync”.
Couldn’t delete: can’t delete a google document
Any clue?


Hi @neronicolo,

More details needed, for example: are you using an encrypted or unencrypted remote?

Also, have you perhaps deleted said file on the Web client while “rclone sync” was running?

If not, please run with the “-v --log-file” options and send us the log file, or just copy/paste the relevant lines from there around the error.



Hi @durval,

Sorry for late reply.
Apparently sync is now working and deleting files on my google drive.
Now I’m really confused why it wasn’t working last time when I tried.


A log would make this clear, but I would guess you are syncing to google docs and there are google docs in the destination which aren’t in the source. rclone will try to delete the google doc but can’t.

I would guess that the docs are now gone?