Could the new "Serve SFTP" make rclone a good remote for Borg?


This is a hypothetical question as I am still looking into backup tools. Borg Backup seems to get universal good reviews with the caveat that it needs SSH-type access while something like Restic can use simple key-value style access (a la S3,B2, or even rclone serve restic).

I am just wondering if anyone has tested or tried to use rclone to close that gap and use Borg? I have no opinion (at the moment) vis-à-vis Borg vs Restic (or the like). I am just trying to evaluate options.


Have you evaluated Duplicacy?

I've been using the CLI version since last year and I'm very satisfied, is a great "companion" for Rclone.

Comparison with Other Backup Tools

I don't see why not. If you give it a go I'd be interested to hear what happens.

It's on the list of those to evaluate. I have mixed feelings about the license for duplicacy but that is not a deal breaker.

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