Could rclone support Nextcloud/ownCloud chunked uploads?

When I copy large (>512MB) files to my Nextcloud instance via WebDAV using “rclone copy” or “rclone sync”, I get HTTP 413 (payload too large) errors.

The Nextcloud/ownCloud desktop client supports uploading large files via chunks.

Looking at my HTTP logs, it does a

MKCOL /remote.php/dav/uploads/donald/1838885436

followed by a bunch of

PUT /remote.php/dav/uploads/donald/1838885436/00000000
PUT /remote.php/dav/uploads/donald/1838885436/00000001

followed by a
MOVE /remote.php/dav/uploads/donald/1838885436/.file

Is this something rclone could support? Should I add a feature request to github?


Donald Gordon

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I'm looking for the same thing, one year later. Can't upload big files to Nextcloud, having Cloudflare in front of it (and the free plan caps uploads at 100MB).

Rclone has native support for this on most remotes where it is needed.
If it was available in the API at least a year ago then I would suspect it was possible already.
But what rclone backend do you use for Nextcloud? I don't see it in the list. Look at the docs would maybe tell me something more about that and if it should be natively supported.

In any case - if native chunking for large files is not possible then you always use the chunker remote (a fairly new addition that can be found in the latest beta):

This does on-the-fly splitting no matter what you are copying to.

Can you find any docs on how this works - it isn't a standard part of the webdav protocol? If so please please make a new issue on github and post the link and we can investigate further.

Nextcloud and OwnCloud both interacts with files from WebDAV. So the WebDAV provider is used with rclone. As far as I can see (since the new Nextcloud docs are in place), chunked file upload is available at least since v15, from September 2018.
Native file chunking would still be the best, especially since this would prevent me having 80GB / 100MB = 800 files laying around in one folder.
Anyway, I made the issue here :
Thanks for your help !