Corrupted on transfer: md5 hash differ error in '/sync/copy'

Hello Exerts,

We are using Rclone V 1.63 and using it in Remote (api) mode.

Using '/sync/copy' to copy directories/file from source to target .

It was working fine in other clouds but facing an issue in new aws s3 bucket.

Request body:
"srcFs" : "srcAWSRemote:o9dl-scpgs10125/int3/3/secdxint01/downloaded_data",
"dstFs" : "targetAWSRemote:o9dl-scpgs10125/int3/3/secdxint01/test/mx/tmp89",
"_filter" : {
"IncludeRule" : [ "20240322102112_Download.202403221021_u3jkhzxy.dsv" ]
"_config" : {
"CheckSum" : false -- (tested with true also)
"_async" : true

Getting below error (response of job status):
"duration": 0.794130803,
"endTime": "2024-03-22T10:21:32.633094649Z",
"error": "corrupted on transfer: md5 hash differ "5fa954dd910bcafc62ed86faba566391" vs "808050edb9a948a68950d4f6d9ae32e6"",
"finished": true,
"group": "job/7667",
"id": 7667,
"output": {},
"startTime": "2024-03-22T10:21:31.838963894Z",
"success": false

Any idea what could be the issue and how to get this fixed?

And our customer confirmed that data is not encrypted using KMS etc.


  1. Update your rclone version to the latest one (v1.66 today) and try again

  2. If still does not work please post all info requested in the template.

Sure I will try that, but curious to know if there is any quick solution to fix this with V1.63?
And do we have any copy directory url in api mode?
Like we have 'copy' in cmd mode?

You are using it - sync/copy

Not really interested in old rclone versions:) but I think the answer is in your question.

Clearly you can see what changed.

Thanks for you reply @kapitainsky .

"_config" : {
"IgnoreChecksum": true

This above flag in request fixed my issue.

One question, is checksum enabled for /sync/copy by default?

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