Copying recent files to another folder without copying all subfolders


I wrote a command that successfully copies files from the last two days from one folder to another. Unfortunately once all the files it copies it then continues to execute copying all the other folders that don’t have files in them matching the criteria. Is it possible to preven this?

Command line I use: I added the min-size to see if it would work around it but it didn’t

rclone -c -v --min-size 100M --filter-from /mnt/disks/media/new.txt --max-age 2d --min-age 1h copy /mnt/disks/media/crypt/TV /mnt/disks/media/crypt/Current\ TV

You mean it copies the folders, but not the files?

This is a bit unfortunate but yes that is what it does at the moment.

I’d like to fix this at some point, however what you could do is run rclone rmdirs /mnt/disks/media/crypt/Current\ TV after you have finished which will delete any empty directories.

Or you could use this

rclone lsf  -R --min-size 100M --filter-from /mnt/disks/media/new.txt --max-age 2d --min-age 1h  --files-only > file-list
rclone copy --files-from file-list -c -v /mnt/disks/media/crypt/TV /mnt/disks/media/crypt/Current\ TV

Thanks, I have been doing the former but it is a big file system so takes a long time to create and remove the empty folders.

I will try the latter approach. Thanks for the tip.

About an hour into executing the lsf which returns (correctly) about a dozen files the mount also appears to freeze


Repeatably? Anything in the log?