Copying only files that are bigger then the targets

I tried searching if someone posted a similar question but I couldn’t find it. So, here it goes…

I have one target service but I also have multiple sources containing the same files. Files in the sources can differ in size. I know that I always have to replace a file in the target service if the file I’m copying is bigger (bigger file means more recent/updated file).

What would the rclone command be, considering that I will be copying one source at a time?


rclone doesn’t have an update if smaller command.

Can you get away with using the modified date on the file? You could then use --update

-u, --update                            Skip files that are newer on the destination.

You could potentially script something if you are only reading sending one file at a time. You could read the size of the existing file with rclone ls then only transfer the new one if it was bigger.

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Thanks @ncw,
I managed to use a temporary directory containing only the files to upload.