Copying Multiple Users' Drive Data

Hi There. I'm just dipping my toes into the world of RClone. I have two old google domains (olddomainADOTcom and olddomainBDOTcom) and one new domain (NewdomainDOTcom). I have corresponding users from old domains A and B already created in the new domain. So, if there was a user joe@olddomainaDOTcom, I created Sue@olddomainbDOTcom, now has Sue@newdomainDOTcom. I need to copy over all of the drive contents from the old domain accounts to the new domain. I have around 2K users between the two domains. Is there a way to feed a CSV into RClone that maps the old account to the new one and copies the data over? What is the best way to copy all of the old domain data to the new one? Thanks for the help!

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