Copying Files from Seedbox to google drive. Close command line

Hi there. I am actually fairly new with rclone. My seedbox provider ( has rclone already installed and I have successfully linked my Google Drive already.

Here is my question: I am copying files by sshing to my seedbox and typing the rclone copy -v command. I made some successful copy trials but I would like to transfer some large files already (2GB and up). Do I have to keep the command box open after entering the rclone copy command? Or can I close the command box already after I initialize the copy command from my seedbox to my google drive?

Thanks guys!

I would use something like screen or tmux:

If you just SSH in and once you log out, the process would stop unfortunately. Screen is like the RDP from Windows that you can spawn a session and it sticks around and you can reconnect to it.

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Thanks for the response. Let me try those that you recommended.

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