Copying files from multiple drives on Windows


I’m looking for a way to copy files from multipe drives on Windows with a sinlge command, something like this

rclone --filter-from filter.txt copy / remote:

Where filter filter.txt is:

  • C:/Users/Me/Documents/**
  • D:/Projects/**

However I can see rclone only tries to read files from one drive, is there a way to make it read all drives?

It seems that this wouldn’t work.

The filter.txt file have to have the same paths as your command, which use this file.

See: Help with Rclone lsf command line

Doing this with lsf should work

rclone lsf --absolute --max-age 4d /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series > new_files
rclone copy --files-from new_files /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series Cloud:Tv.Series --progress --transfers 10 --exclude “/node_modules/”
You need to use the same local path /home/user2/downloads/Tv.Series on both commands

I guess I’ll just run rclone twice: once for c:\ and then for d:. Seems like the easiest way to do.