Copying files from many subfolders

Hi, I have a folder called “LiveShows” and inside it have many folders like “2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,…” And in folder 2010 have 20 files, in folder 2011 have 25 files, in folder 2012 have 10 files,…

I want to copy all files in these folders 2010, 2011, 2012,… at the same time to the destination.

I used command “rclone copy google:LiveShow/ acd:” (copy files from google drive to amazon cloud drive) but I get error:
2010/file01.mp4: Failed to copy: update stor: 553 Could not create file
2010/file02.mp4: Failed to copy: update stor: 553 Could not create file

2014/fileN.mp4: Failed to copy: update stor: 553 Could not create file

If files in LiveShows folder then it’s working, but if files in subfolders (2010, 2011, 2012,…) then get error “553 Could not create file”.

I’m so sorry if my English not good. Thanks!

Are you using Amazon S3 bucket ?

I’m assuming you want:

rclone copy google:LiveShow/ acd:

As you need : on the end of the remote.

These look like errors from the FTP backend.

Are you accessing amazon cloud drive via FTP somehow?

Yes, I copy files via FTP but not Amazon Cloud Drive. I use Rclone to copy files from Google Drive to (filehost).
I have a main folder “LiveShows” and inside it have many subfolders (2010, 2011,…)
If I want to copy all files in LiveShows folder, I have to copy files in 2010 folder:
rclone copy google:LiveShows/2010 nitroflare:

then, copy files in 2011 folder:
rclone copy google:LiveShows/2011 nitroflare:

… repeat many times with 2012 folder, 2013 folder…

I want to use one command can copy all files once time, do not repeat many times.

If your goal is to copy from multiple source directories into one directory with a single command, not sure how that would work.

Why not just run a few commands if you already know the folder names?

You could do this with filters/includes and against the top level folder.


  • /2010/**
  • /2011/**


rclone copy google:LiveShows nitroflare: --include=/2011/**

Or even using glob matching. See

If you want the contents of those folders to all be in the base though that won’t work.