Copying data to Dropbox

I just started using rclone to migrate data from our server to DropBox. We have close to 20TB of data to copy. I have noticed that the modification date of the original file is not included in the copy.

Should I be using a different command or switch to preserve the modification dates on the files? This is definite must have for us.


Looking over the rclone docs, there doesn’t seem to be a way to preserve modification time. If I am not mistaken, the modification time is the time which the file was either uploaded to the cloud service, and/or last modified on the cloud service. If you have a file uploaded on 01/01/2017, I believe the modtime would be exactly that.

Correct, rclone doesn't support modtime on dropbox yet.

I'd have to move to the v2 API to do that.

If I was to use the rclone mount option to mount the DropBox content, would it be possible to use rsync or something similar to update the modification date only?

Alas no, that wouldn’t work.