Copying a shared with me folder to my own google drive

I’m wanting to make a copy of a folder that has been shared with me to a folder in my google drive.

The source folder unfortunately has duplicates in it which I can’t remove, and unfortunately instead of rclone copying one of the folders/files it instead ignores both.

Is there anyway I can make it copy at least one? or have it copy both but the second under a new name? or put in a different folder?

I don’t think rclone makes duplicates from what I can tell.

If you have a folder in the web interface, can you just copy it?

Oh yes I had already seen that but I was hoping something had been developed since that post.

As for copying the folder in the web interface, that isn’t an option is it? it’s not one that I have found at least it’s not on the right click menu.

Oh, you can only copy a file it seems.

Yes sadly :frowning:

I guess I will just have to do it manually from the logs afterwards.

That issue will help you when it gets prioritied.

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Am I able to vote that up so it gets a little more priority or does anything like that exist for issues/new features?

You can use the thumbs up in the issue to express that.

Ok you got your first thumbs up :slight_smile:

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