Copy to remote via script or by copying on mount

I haven't seen this answered, if I missed it kindly link me to it.
Lets say we have a google remote mounted in /gdrive using --vfs-cache-mode full and I have some files in /local.
Now if I want to move some files automatically from /local to the remote I can a) have a script that uses rclone move or b) do mv /local/fileA /gdrive/dirX/. Is there some preference over the two?

Tbh I faintly remember that it was recommended not to move local files by mv, cp on the mount but instead by using the rclone equivalents. I believe the reasoning was that in case of network hiccup rclone move would retry while the mv command would just fail.

I have also seen that @Animosity022 uses option B in his scripts (ergo the tag :stuck_out_tongue: ) and he used to use cron with rclone move iirc? In which case some feedback would be nice!


you can do a ot b, it is just a matter of your use-case.

if you have a set of files to copy/move to gdrive, i would choose use rclone copy/move
one main reason is the log file for rclone copy/move is much easier to understand and to parse than a log file for rclone mount

and using --vfs-cache-mode full is really a double file operation
to move /local/fileA to /gdrive/dirX/.

  1. rclone moves /local/fileA into the vfs file cache.
  2. rclone moves that file from the vfs file cache to gdrive.

Sure, for lots of files and manually rclone move/copy is the better choice.

If you write in the mount (-> vfs cache) and network drops, does rclone retry?

it depends on the vfs file cache mode and that is documented
search for If an upload fails

tho interesting that when the cache mode is full,
the documentation does not explicitly mention that it retries, but for sure, rclone will retry.

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