Copy the contents of the shortcut when server side copying (google drive)


I have been using rclone on Google Drive for several months. rclone is so powerful in handling files on Google Drive.
However, when I copy the shortcut of the file to my Google Drive space via server side copying,
rclone only copies the shortcut of the file, not the file itself.

I know this action has been mentioned in
But I think if there is a flag to change this default action to copy the contents of the shortcut, rclone will be more powerful.

Would it be possible to add a flag to do that?


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This would be quite easy...

Can you please make a new issue on github about this.

Would you be willing to help implement it?

What would you call the flag?


--drive-follow-shortcuts would be an idea.

As shortcut can content shortcuts themselves, guess use would have to be confident on what he what to transfer.
Maybe a good idea to put it to at least to size also.

Finally, cyclic circular redundancy could prove (link from the shortcut to himself or a parent) to be an issue... Or even worse :

Tl;dr : basic version easy, corners cases not so much ?

Yes! The circular things are annoying. This is already a problem though with downloading files for example.

Thank you for your affirmation.
For the circular things, maybe we can combine the flag "--drive-follow-shortcuts" with a number to limit the tracking depth of shortcuts or the default depth of 1?

Nice idea, that would be very tricky with rclone's current architecture though. Once you've followed a shortcut then you have arrived in a new directory that is impossible to tell from any other directory.

TBH I'm not too worried about circular shortcuts, they fall into the self inflicted injury category and I'm happy to write in the docs that rclone will follow shortcuts forever!

Do you want to make a new issue on github about this? ?
But I am sorry that I do not have the ability to modify the code.
I have never learned GO language. :sob:

Thanks for making the issue - that is the first step!

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