Copy / Sync to Sharepoint mount

Hi Guys,

Just a bit of help with a command if you can please.
I have managed to mount all my drives.

I transfered about 4TB from gdrive to Sharepoint. I did see some errors and closed the terminal.

What i want to do though is this is possible please tell me how.

I want to check my gdrive and sync with to sharepoint mount.
So if any file had changed in gdrive or the file size is different then i want it to overwrite that file in the share point mount.

Is this possible?

Depending on if you want to copy or sync, just run the same command again.

So if i run the copy command, will it change any files in the destination folder that have different file sizes from the source.
Or will it copy everything again?

Run it with --dry-run and see for yourself :slight_smile:

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