Copy/Sync encrypted remotes manually vs through command line

I noticed that when I sync an encrypted volume from one location to another, the files and folders would end up with different scrambled names.
Is this intentional?
Also if I were to copy encrypted files and folders from one location to another manually, decryption seems to work fine.
Knowing all that, is there a preferred method for copying and syncing encrypted remotes? Is there a difference between using the copy/sync command vs just manually copying and pasting files while the remotes are mounted?


if you would answer the questions in the help and support template, can provide better answers.
that help us to help you and prevent confusion.

yes, if you copy files between two crypt remotes,
--- the source file is decrypted,
--- the source file is re-crypted using the dest remote password
--- that re-crypted file is copied to dest remote


what do you mean by mount, are you using rclone mount?
it depends on what you mean, can you answer the questions in the help and support template.
and the command you are running or an example command that you might want to run.

it depends, can you post an example command, of what you mean?

if the source remote and the dest remote use the same password(s), can use this,
and this is better as rclone can compare the hashes, especially useful with S3 backends.
and no need to decrypt and re-crypt.

Yea I am talking about rclone mount, rclone sync and rclone copy.

Basically if I want to make a backup of an encrypted remote, does it make a difference if I used rclone copy remote1 remote2 vs copying and pasting the encrypted files and folders from and to their respective locations?

if you want to backup a crypt remote, i shared the link up above.

that is not a valid command.

really hard to understand you mean?
so instead of me pulling basic info from you, post by post.
please just answer all the question in the help and support template.

The issue I am explaining is hypothetical therefore I haven't really tried out any commands yet but what I am trying to explain is based on my limited understanding of the commands.

So let me try to re-explain;
If I were to use the rclone copy command to copy files from an encrypted remote to another encrypted remote (both using the same password), would that differ than me just simply rclone mounting both of the remotes and manually using the File Explorer to copy the scrambled and encrypted files and folders? Are there any downsides for doing it using either methods?

the first option is the same as

the second option is the same as

Okay. Thanks!

One last thing, why is it that when rclone encrypts the same files and folders with the same password, the scrambled result is different. I'd expect it to be the same right?

well, we all think that the first time :wink:

as for the answer, all i can do is quote the docs
"Encryption uses cryptographic salt, to permute the encryption key so that the same string may be encrypted in different ways"

So knowing that encrypting the same files with the same password multiple times would yield different scrambled names doesn't make manual copying and pasting a bad thing vs using rclone copy like we stated above; correct?

well, that would work, but not the best way.

the best way is

Ok got it!

Thanks for all the help.

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