Copy shared link from onedrive to local

Apologies this must have been asked before... I have setup rclone to connect to my organization's OneDrive system. A collaborator within the same organization has sent me a link to a file to download, the link looks like this (anonymized):

How can I download the linked file locally using rclone? I tried:

rclone copy ./

which, unsurprisingly, fails.

For now, I have used the web interface of OneDrive to copy the linked file to my personal folder and then I used rclone to download locally with this command:

rclone copy remote:MyStuff/ ./

Is there a more direct way without passing by the copy to my space?


This is using:

rclone version
rclone v1.53.1
- os/arch: linux/amd64
- go version: go1.15

Assuming anyone can download the file without needing any authentication then add &download=1 to the end of the url

Harry - thanks for getting back to me. I tried various combinations of "rclone copy" and wget appending &download=1 as you suggest but none of them worked with various errors. Can you post an example of how you would do it?

If it matters, the file is shared in mode "anyone within the organization with this link can edit".

That's why it's not working. The files shared within the organization, so onedrive needs to verify you belong to the same organization which requires authentication.

Rclone can't do password based http authentication in onedrive. If the file is shared with "Anyone with the link can view" then onedrive won't verify anything and rclone should work fine.

Ok, thanks. So the solution copy to my space via web interface then do rclone copy seems to be the best option in this case?

Seems like it. Let me know what you experience.

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